Monx Innovation Series at Kapuhala Koh Samui

Exciting news! 🎉 Monx is teaming up with Kapuhala for an extraordinary experience – The Monx X Kapuhala Innovation Series of Retreats! 💪🏼 Business and leadership experts at Monx join forces with Kapuhala, known for their pillars of fitness and nutrition, to bring you an unparalleled opportunity to level up in all aspects of your life. Join us for […]

Top Hong Kong Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know in 2023

Hong Kong has become a hotbed for ecommerce, with online sales growing 27% in 2020 alone. With over 4.5 million online shoppers, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to ecommerce to reach consumers. If you’re looking to take advantage of this growing market, here are some must-know ecommerce trends in Hong […]

Could Hong Kong Become Your Digital Asset Hub for 2023?

The new Crypto regulations in Hong Kong will have a major impact both on Crypto businesses and investors. Crypto companies will be able to operate with greater transparency and assurance, as the Financial Services and Treasury Bureau of Hong Kong has provided clear guidelines on how Crypto should be regulated. Crypto trading platforms must now […]

Top financial tips to run a successful ecommerce business

Man running a successful ecommerce business

Ecommerce has one of the lowest barriers to entry to start operating in the business world. At Monx we take care of big and small companies, and today let’s zoom into the hustlers who want to run a successful ecommerce business now. But let’s be clear, business is business, and as small as your operations […]

Webinar: How to conquer Asia and set up your next office

This webinar is aimed at international companies that want to invest and expand in Asia and presents Singapore, China PRC and Hong Kong as hubs for companies with interests in the APAC region. Organised by the professional services firm, Monx and cross-border payments company, Currenxie, this event has the institutional support of the Italian Chamber […]

Meet our Superstar Account and Business Development Manager, Filippo Sannazzaro

đź‘‹ In today’s ‘Meet the Monx’ we’d like to introduce you to Filippo Sannazzaro, our superstar Account and Business Development Manager based in our Hong Kong HQ! What’s your role at Monx?  Within Monx, I take care of all our clients’ needs and I try to keep them happy and compliant with all necessary deadlines. […]

Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global powerhouse when it comes to business, so let’s look at the reasons why you should start a business there.   Set Up a Business Quickly It is known to be quick and efficient when starting a business in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the costs associated with registering a business are low […]

Don’t waste time building a team — Build a culture

Building a business is like a voyage to the sea, a deep, broad, unexpected horizons and sometimes full of danger and uncertainty. It’s not just the ship that should withstand the test of time and hardship but also the team that is sailing it. Likewise building a business needs a crew that is united in […]

The subtle art of valuation

Startup valuation is sometimes seen as an art more than a scientific effort. It can come with many variables and assumptions, but this activity is extremely important for startups to fully understand what their companies are worth, now and in the future, Startup valuation is an important starting point Valuation matters to entrepreneurs because it […]

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