The subtle art of valuation

Startup valuation is sometimes seen as an art more than a scientific effort. It can come with many variables and assumptions, but this activity is extremely important for startups to fully understand what their companies are worth, now and in the future, Startup valuation is an important starting point Valuation matters to entrepreneurs because it […]

Gift of Obsession

For the longest time I thought I was crazy. I get obsessed with things. Many people said to me, relax and take it easy, but I never get enough of those few things I love — so why “take it easy”? Raised in a family where stoicism is the motto, I suffered a bit to […]

11 Cybersecurity Threats in 2022 and How To Address Them

11 Cybersecurity threats: Impact of Remote Work: New Threats from the New Normal New Challenges from Ransomware Increased Use of Multi-Factor Authentication Continued Rise of AI Increased Attacks on Cloud Services Data Privacy as a Discipline COVID-19 Phishing Schemes Increased Need for Cybersecurity Professionals Insider Threats on the Rise Increased Need for Chief Security Officers […]

Five Commandments of the Digital Darwinism

Impact on individuals, families, companies and society Digital Darwinism has forced companies to quickly adapt to consumer behaviours which are evolving faster than ever. Many brands are facing extinction every day because they don’t pivot their business fast enough to meet their consumer needs, other competitors cut in and offer a better, faster service. Back […]

Why Remote Working is the Answer to any Business

Impact on individuals, families, companies and society I used to own and run a rather large company and although I was the CEO, my employees would always look at me like I was a bit of a reckless bad boy. Even more, the first time I brought up the idea of remote working, people around […]

Chinese Payment Giant Alipay launches NFT Sales

Is the NFT sold by Alipay just a JPG?

Is the NFT sold by Alipay just a JPG? On June 23rd, Alipay, Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute and the famous animation “Scissor Seven” jointly launched a new NFT payment code skin based on AntChain, the blockchain business unit of Alibaba Group. Each of the two digital artwork is limited to 8000 copies and costs […]

China’s New Regulations Crack Down On Crypto Currency Fever

For On June 21, the Central Bank (PBC) announced that the relevant departments of the Central Bank recently discussed with main banks and payment institutions in China including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, and Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd regarding the […]

Key decisions to sell online in China

For Distribution is changing dramatically in China. Consumers in mainland China and Hong Kong have increasingly adapted to online shopping and foreign brands see every day how important is to use the social and digital channels to access this huge market. Emarketer confirms that online will account for 52.1% of all retail sales in China […]

Low-Cost Chinese Virtual Address

For many WFOEs operating in China or foreign investors that want to set-up a legal entity in China, the registered address is a sensitive and potentially risky corporate compliance element. According to the PRC Company Law, every company must have a registered address and the registered address needs to correspond to a legal entity separately. […]

Make your tax residence your new home

It is not uncommon for digital nomads to spend nine months of the year traveling around the world, going from country to country, and staying in numerous hotels and airbnbs. At some point they come home for a few months to sort a few things out at the bank and visit their mothers before going […]

Ultimate Guide for Company Seals in China

One of the inevitable topics of doing business in China is the company seals. The use of seals instead of signatures to exercise the power of companies or other entities in China has a long history. So, what seals does the company have? How do they use them and what legal effects do they have? […]

Vanity kills startups

How to get humbled, guided and finally win with the right metrics. As an investor and advisor, I get to meet a lot of startups on a regular basis. I get to see their numbers and presentations, often a big stack of information such as pageviews, social media followers, total downloads, running total of customers […]

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